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Our services and accounting, labor and tax advice will allow you and your company to comply with all labor, fiscal and accounting rules and regulations that are applicable to your operation.

We have services designed for you and your management report to the authorities that can be presented in a timely and correct manner, minimizing tax, labor and accounting contingencies.

Accounting / Financial

Design and implement of the accounting process.
Design and implement accounting systems.
Evaluating and giving of a diagnosis of the financial situation of the Company, in order to give recommendations for improvement and useful information for making decisions.

Design and implementation of accounting documents and forms. Preparation and analysis of Financial Statements and Notes, in compliance with and in accordance with current accounting standards. Update of accounting records, with the use of the accounting system of the firm or the client.

At the Client’s request, preparation of exams and special reports. Financial analysis in order to identify and implement improvements. Cash flows analysis, for improvement in the management of resources.


In agreement with the Clients, we take care of the following labor outsourcing processes:

Payroll Management
● General and individual payrolls
● Wages and benefits calculations
● Provisions calculations
Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS)
● Input and Output Notices
● Notices of salary variation for extras
● IESS contribution vouchers
● IESS adjustment vouchers
● Loan to IESS forms
● Reserve Funds vouchers
● New announcements in general
Ministry of labor relations
● Employment contracts
● Labor Termination Proceedings
● Profit Sharing Form and report to Labor Department
● Thirteenth Salary Form and report to Labor Department
● Fourteenth Salary Form and report to Labor Department


● Planning
● Taxes Reports to IRS (VAT, Withholdings, Income Tax, ICE, etc.) of Individuals and Corporations, on a monthly, semiannual and annual basis.
● Annexes reports to IRS (Transactional, REDEP, Personal Expenses, Dividends, etc.)
● Procedures for Refund / Recovery of Taxes
● Attention of preventive sanctions.
● Advice for design, planning and implementation of the tax unit in the Client’s Company.
● Procedures for tax payment facilities, tax payment agreements .
● Special tax examinations.
● General counsel.


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